Who we are

Welcome to Gimbl Blog. Here you’ll find useful advice on ways to grow your channel and better monetize your content without shooing your audience away with advertisements. We’ll also keep you updated with latest news in the video game streaming industry!

What is Gimbl?

Gimbl is an online platform aiming to bring real-world gamer interactions into the streaming sphere. By gamifying the stream, we empower the audience to truly impact the streaming experience. 

With our tool, viewers can predict specific outcomes of a game and to send their streamers adrenaline-filled challenges. The more people engage with the community they love, the more we will reward them and their streamer. 

Our ultimate missions are to help streamers:

  • Retain the audience & grow the community
  • Engage with viewers in a unique and unexpected way
  • Monetize content in a fully secured and automated process
  • Self differentiate among the millions of other streamers

After all, we play games for the thrills and skills, as well as the connections between people, right? That’s what Gimbl stands for. 

Have fun,

The Gimbl Team