Becoming a Gimbl Ambassador

Gimbl Ambassador Program

Our vision is to shift the livestreaming industry by innovating the way streamers and viewers engage. By making viewers part of your game, we aim to bring more fun to the stream, retain your viewership, grow your community, and help you monetize your stream while differentiating yourself from the pack.


We are looking for like-minded streamers that share our vision to join us on this adventure.


Do you have the entrepreneurial spirit to be part of an adventure that is capable of reshaping the eSports industry we all cherish?


Perfect, join the Gimbl Ambassador Program and let’s revolutionize the industry.

What are the Ambassador's missions?

Here’s how you would be able to make an impact in the eSports industry by joining our Ambassador program:

decision making

Collaborate with us to create new features

Innovation is our motto. Propose the concepts and features you wish to happen in the streaming sphere. We’ll make it happen.

product testing

Test the newest versions of Gimbl before they are released!

We update our product frequently. Be the first to test-drive the latest innovations we’ve worked on together before everyone else!

content collab

Advocate for Gimbl in your community

You’ll present Gimbl as a team member in your valuable gaming community. You would help spread genuine word-of-mouth in order to drive streamers to use Gimbl, join our social media network, and participate in our digital events (online tournaments, webinars, etc.)



Create Gimbl-related content

Share your thoughts about Gimbl with everyone! We’re not looking for some hard-sell promotion from you, but rather authentic product reviews that help humanize the brand. 


What are the Ambassador's benefits?

Being a part of the Gimbl family as an Ambassador, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Be a force for change in the industry that you love
  • Have more online visibility as we’ll put you in the frontline of of our communications. To be more specific, you will:
    • Have presence on our Ambassador page & digital events
    • Be featured in social media content & articles
    • Become a Discord moderator
  • Receive exclusive Gimbl merchandise. The more engaging you are, the more we’ll swag you up!

Can anyone join?

Absolutely Yes! The Ambassador program is open to anyone who is passionate about contributing to this booming industry. To join our program, make sure to meet the requirements below:

  • You have an account on Gimbl (which is 100% free and only takes you 1 minute to sign up)
  • You are a regular user of Gimbl
  • You have a Gimbl panel on your Twitch’s About me page

I'm interested. How can I join?

If you’re ready to embark on this wonderful journey, let us know by filling this form below. We’ll be in touch as soon as possible.


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