Best extensions for Twitch streamers (2021 update)

Best extensions for Twitch streamers

If you have been streaming without any Twitch extension, you should do it now. A stream without extension is like a phone without any apps. It’ll do the basics, but the apps will bring so much more utility and enjoyment. With extensions added on top of your stream, it’ll power up the stream with two-way communication between the streamer, viewers and the game being played. Extensions create fun activities, memorable moments, and even help streamers earn more revenue. 

According to Twitch, you can use up to 6 extensions on your channel: one full screen overlay, two component extensions and three panel extensions.

  1. Panel Extension – Displays in your Twitch’s About me section.
  2. Overlay Extension – Displays on top of the whole video as a transparent overlay.
  3. Component Extension – Displays as part of the video, taking up part of the screen. Component Extensions can be hidden by viewers.

Types of Twitch extensions

Based on the purpose of extensions, Twitch classifies them into 8 categories:

  1. Viewer engagement
  2. Loyalty and recognition
  3. Games in extensions
  4. Extensions for games
  5. Schedule and countdowns
  6. Streamer tools
  7. Polling and voting
  8. Music

Best Twitch extensions for streamers 2021

The streaming industry is having a moment and so is the development of extensions that come with it. There are tons of extensions on Twitch, but we have scanned everywhere to find out what are the best tools used by Twitch streamers. So here you have it, the compilation of the coolest extensions for Twitch streamers in 2021, divided by category.

1. Extensions for Games

These extensions are game-specific, coming with the coolest things you can imagine, from closeups of a character’s gear to additional statistics.

League of Legends Live Tracker

Live Tracker lets your viewers see what’s going on in your game by displaying a Summoner Summary, the Scoreboard, Build Summary, and a Match History.


World of Warcraft Armory

WoW Armory lets your viewers inspect your character specs, stuff, PvE/PvP stats, and more!

OP.GG for League of Legends

OP.GG overlay lets your audience see all the players stats in your current game.


Gimbl Predictions

Gimbl allows viewers to predict specific outcomes of the streamer’s game and win Golds to redeem for epic loots (gaming points, shopping vouchers, etc.). The more viewers engage in Predictions, the more the streamer will earn. While most extensions are built for one game specifically, the Gimbl extension works with an array of AAA esports titles: VALORANT, League of Legends, Overwatch, Dota 2, Apex Legends, Rainbow Six, and more.

2. Games in Extensions

In-stream game extensions keep your viewers entertained during break time by playing mini games on Twitch.

Quiz Kit

Quiz Kit lets you create a bunch of interactive quizzes to compete against your viewers and find out who’s the best.



BitRoller lets you and your audience roll a twenty-sided dice to test your luck. This can pair with any type of board game that involves twenty-sided dice (like D&D for example). is a small 2D Battle Royale game that you can play with your audience while in queue for a game for example. 

3. Viewer engagement

Streaming audiences love receiving individual recognition, and the following extensions help you do just that.

Sound Alerts

Sound Alerts lets your viewer interact with your stream by playing sounds effects by sending Bits through the extension. Upload your own sounds or select sounds from the library.

Twitch extension

Latest Followers 

The extension lets you and your viewers see who are the latest followers to your channel. It lets you see how many new followers you had today.

Twitch extension

Crowd Control

Crowd Control lets your viewers affect your game directly by modifying how you interact with it: they’re able to send actions into the game to either help you or annoy you.

Twitch extension

4. Loyalty and recognition

These extensions allow you to know who are the most loyal & active members of your community and give them the recognition they deserve.

StreamElements Leaderboards

StreamElements Leaderboards lets you keep tabs of your viewers’ stats: longest sub, leading cheerers, total messages, and more!

Twitch extension

Prime Subscription and Loot Reminder

This is for the Prime Gaming subscribers: an overlay that shows your remaining free sub and the other Prime Gaming advantages.

Twitch extension

Streamlabs Leaderboard

Streamlabs Leaderboard displays your cheers and loyalty leaderboard. You can sort it by week, months, or all time. Let your viewers flex these points!

WizeBot – LeaderBoard

The WizeBot LeaderBoard lets you display a ranking of your viewers based on your WizeBot settings. You can choose what to display through the WizeBot service page.

5. Schedule and Countdowns

These extensions keep your viewers informed about your streaming schedule and display a countdown until your next live stream.

Streamlabs Stream Schedule & Countdown

This extension lets you add a panel to your stream to display a countdown timer to your next stream, based on your schedule.


Subathon is a must have extension for whoever wants to run a subathon stream: it displays the initial timer, and it evolves by detecting the subs (Tier 1/2/3) and donations that are made to the stream automatically.

6. Streamer Tools

Streamer tools are extensions built to grow your stream in general. They can promote your social media accounts to selling merchandise.

Twitter Timeline

Twitter Timeline adds a panel to your stream to display your social media updates in real time for your viewers.

Instagram Feed

Instagram Feed adds a panel to your stream to display your social media updates in real time for your viewers.

OWN3D Design Panels (Free & Animated)

OWN3D Design Panels help design your channel with a ton of free designs to customize your Twitch channel as you please.

7. Polling and Voting

These extensions are built to help you gain feedback from your audience and receive input on things like stream quality or game strategies. It can also help you know more about your community.

Suggestion Box v2

Suggestion Box v2 lets you gather feedback from your viewers the easiest way possible. It adds a panel to your channel and your audience can interact with it directly through the included chat box.

Twitch Picks

The official Twitch poll extension that lets you draw multiple kinds of polls, customize their designs, display results to your viewers, and so much more.



Polling lets your viewers take part in polls and make themselves heard anonymously.

8. Music

Music extensions allow your viewers to request songs to play on the stream or get the name of the song you’re playing. We all love music, so it’s a great way to keep the chat excited.

Spotify Recently Played

Spotify Recently Played lets your viewers see what you’re listening to while you’re live. Add songs to a playlist so they can listen to them later!

Soundstripe Music

Soundstripe Music lets you listen to Copyrights free music on stream, so you don’t have to worry about DMCA’s strikes.

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Best extensions for Twitch streamers

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