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Whether you are a streamer, a pro-gamer or an avid eSports enthusiast, you are concerned and can benefit from this Bounty program.

Hello friends,

We hope you are ready for some big shake-ups as we head toward the new era of Gimbl 2.0 in 2021. Kick back and put on some tunes, because we’ve got quite an announcement to make. Ready? OK, let’s go!

Gimbl’s upcoming feature: Predictions

Gimbl will soon be launching Predictions, a new feature that will further foster streamer-viewer engagement in the eSports’ streaming sphere. With Predictions, streaming viewers will get to participate in the most exciting moments of their favorite streamers without any monetary barriers. By staking Gold coins in a pot, viewers will predict specific in-game outcomes and earn a proportionate share from the pot upon correct guesses. Accumulated Gold coins could be redeemed into a wide variety of epic rewards, from gift cards to gaming hardware. 


This feature is the solution to the biggest issue facing streaming today, which are content gaps during the stream that can limit the high level of engagement. With Predictions, there will be non-stop entertainment as viewers go head-to-head to see who will be the Nostradamus of the stream.

The Bounty Program: An opportunity to win ahead of the curve!

While we anticipate the release of Predictions, you can already participate in the Bounty Program where we will be giving away 100,000 bounty points in total. We will be offering $2,000 worth of gifts in exchange for bounty points! 

You can win vouchers ranging from gaming stores to Netflix as well as in-game coins for Fortnite, Apex Legends, Valorant and many more!

If you are a top-tier streamer or gaming influencer, contact us for partnership deals for up to 10,000 bounty points.

The bounties will all be awarded at the end of this campaign with the official release. Now is the time to jump in if you want to be ahead of the curve when we officially launch this amazing feature in the new year. 

I’m in! How can I join the Bounty Program?

Great! Check out our T&C below:

  1. All participants must be at least 18 years old.
  2. All participants need to visit the Gimbl website and sign up. 
  3. All participants must submit their application on this Google form: Predictions Bounty Campaign – Google Forms
  4. After filling the Google Form, Gimbl admins will review your inscription and give you the role on the Discord server. Make sure to join it and the Bounty thread right after filling the form
  5. Please note that the following actions will lead to immediate disqualification from the campaign: offensive or inappropriate behavior; using multiple accounts, cheating and spamming.
  6. Participants can only complete 1 action per week. Every action can only be done once throughout the entire campaign for each participant.
  7. You will get more points based on the quality of your content: “Casual” contribution: generic message (either a comment or a mention) that is only rephrasing what is already published by Gimbl. No/very little relevant criticism or opinion shared; “Tryhard” contribution: Valid/relevant opinion about the feature, share your feelings about it, open the discussion with your community, generate engagement.
  8. We value high quality work, admins can give an unlimited amount of bonus points to the best pieces you’ll produce.
  9. Rewards for each channel have max individual caps, no extra rewards will be processed beyonds the cap. People can only contribute once per week in each category.
  10. The bounty manager and the project team can make changes to the conditions on an on-going basis.

Point Distribution per Action

Platform Action Condition Reward (per week for 1 contribution)
Twitter & Facebook Share Share our announcement post with at least a 30 characters quote Casual: 500; Tryhard: 1000
Twitter & Facebook Comment Every comments must be at least 30 characters long Casual: 500; Tryhard: 1000
Twitter & Facebook Mention Mention Gimbl in a post, on someone else’s post related to eSports news Casual: 500; Tryhard: 1000
Instagram/Twitter/ Facebook Story Create and publish a story related to Gimbl upcoming feature launch. Casual: 1600; Tryhard: 3200
Discord Mention Mention Gimbl in a post in your #partners or #host channel about Gimbl’s upcoming feature launch on your Discord server Casual: 500; Tryhard: 1000
Twitch/YouTube & Facebook Gaming Clip Mention Gimbl in a clip of at least 1 min and talk about the upcoming feature launch Casual: 2500; Tryhard: 5000
Twitch Panel Add a Gimbl panel on your channel 500

$2000 worth of Rewards! 


Redeem your points for a gift card or gaming vouchers for yourself or your loved ones!

Reward Total quantity Bounty points required to redeem
In-game content: Riot points ($10); V-bucks ($10); G-coins (PUBG) ($9.99); Valorant points ($11.99) 25 game content vouchers 550 points
Season pass: Season pass on Rocket League/Fortnite/Valorant/etc ($10-12.99) 20 season pass 650 points
Hardware/gaming shop vouchers: Amazon vouchers ($25); Kinguin vouchers ($25); InstantGaming voucher ($25); Steam vouchers ($25); LDLC vouchers ($25) 14 coupons for each website 1500 points
Accounts subscriptions (three months subscription): Netflix subscriptions ($11.99 x3); Xbox GamePass subscriptions ($12.99 x3) 13 coupons for each type of subscription 2000 points


Bonus rewards:

We are also offering extra bounty points for Twitter/Twitch/Youtube/TikTok channels that own certain number of followers, and do follow the rules listed below.

Number of followers Bonus
More than 1000 followers 20 bounty points/week
More than 2500 followers 50 bounty points/week
More than 3500 followers 70 bounty points/week
More than 4500 followers 100 bounty points/week
More than 10000 followers 150 bounty points/week

1. Every participant must follow Gimbl Official Twitter Page
2. Participants must use #gimbl #predictions #stream #twitch hashtags in every tweet and retweet (at least 2 per post)
1. Every participant must follow the official Gimbl Twitch channel
3. Participants must use #gimbl #predictions in the stream name (hashtags or keywords).
4. Participants must add a Gimbl panel on their page.
5. Participants must add the Gimbl overlay on their steam.
6. Participants must add the Gimbl Twitch extension to their stream and set it up properly


If the total number of stakes earned during campaign exceeds the cap, we will adjust your stakes based on the following formula:

Your final number of Bounty points =   (Bounty campaign pool / Total number of points everyone earned during the campaign) * Number of points you earned

Your final $ prize= Your final number of Bounty points / 50

*If not: 50 Bounty points= 1$

Disclaimer: If we encounter a situation where we are out of bounty points, we reserve the right to add other types of rewards.

Contact us for questions at:



And that’s it! So from all of us: stay safe, stay cozy, and happy harvesting rewards! 

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