Gimbl release 2/10/2020: Overwatch & Apex Legends added, more robust challenges coming!

Hi! We’re glad that you’re here. It’s getting chilly outside, so let us heat it up with an array of great updates for y’all 😉


First up, we are very excited to welcome the arrival of Overwatch and Apex Legends to our list of supported games, which have been repeatedly requested by our streamers since our launch. By adding more games, we hope to maximize your reach to a more diversified audience that is about to engage in an immersive experience. We always take pride in our streamer-focused approach, so feel free to reach out and offer us your feedback, we are here to listen. 


Then, greetings to a refreshed challenge engine: viewers can now send you customized challenges such as kills with grey weapons. Furthermore Fornite streamers, with Gimbl V1.2, headshots are now those that actually kill the enemy. Brace yourself, this is just a sample of what is coming!


Besides that, we’ve got a big list of small tweaks to continuously provide a better user experience. Interface-wise, we’ve added some visual changes (alerts & banners) to give you a better understanding of what’s happening, for example why a challenge was cancelled. You can also customize the overlay to your liking, for example: you can choose to display 1 or 3 challenges, or you can choose to display or not display the challengers feed. On top of that, we have fine-tuned the synergy between the desktop and mobile app to allow a seamless experience with synchronized information and faster updates.


For the rest of our changelist, the transaction experience is made smoother with higher transparency: users can better understand what has been done to their credit card. You can now manage your bank account and withdraw your funds in your own currency.


So zoom your way down, and once you’re well-read, you’ll be well-ready to enter a new chapter of Gimbl. It’s time to blossom.





  • Overwatch and Apex Legends are now supported on Gimbl


  • Gimbl app now shows more information on what is happening
  • The session page now has a dual design depending on the resize bar position
  • Streamers and users are more informed on why a session/challenge was cancelled and why
  • Alerts and banners have been revamped for better understanding


  • Games are now automatically deactivated when they’re in maintenance mode
  • New seamless login/signup modals
  • You can now continue watching the stream at the end of a challenge session
  • Streamer past sessions are now available in the Gimbl app
  • Streamers can find overlay preview and links to their session page in the Gimbl app more easily
  • Streamers can now customize their overlay
  • The challenging engine has been fully revamped and is now more robust, allowing for more fun challenges in the future 
  • Headshots in Fortnite now are headshots that actually kill the enemy
  • Game summary emails are clearer and better
  • It is easier to change your password if it is forgotten
  • Updated emails recap with the canceled games
  • Language management is fully operationnal, stay tuned for translations coming at some point
  • Streamers have more details on why their session might not be working direclty inside the Gimbl app
  • Sessions that have never started (game not detected or not launched) are now automatically cancelled after 4 hours
  • Challenge naming is now custom depending on the state of the challenge (showing more/less information depending on what’s needed)


  • You can now withdraw your funds in your own currency. KYC and bank account management is also available
  • Transaction history is brand new, with show more and filters
  • More information available for users to understand what’s done with their credit card


  • Increased connection security in order to prevent streamers from faking game events


  • Data in the overlay is now refreshed in time to prevent bad states
  • Data is now reloaded on connection recovery, making for a better PWA
  • “Search now” searchs direcly what you’re looking for (instead of the first letter)
  • Significant improvements in the websocket management with the Gimbl app, preventing dead locks forstreamers
  • The Mobile web app has better navigation
  • Crypto challenges status management in the UI is now future-based to have a better user experience
  • Streamer history is now up to date with the latest session all the time
  • Some back arrows and close buttons were moved to increase usability
  • Toaster bugs on mobile
  • Numbers display issues are now fixed

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