Gimbl Valorant Cup: Extra fun for all

Gimbl Valorant Cup

Hi fellow gamers,

We’re thrilled to present you with our first ever self-hosted online tournament – Gimbl Valorant Cup. This is our first shot toward establishing a series of community-led esports events to further engage streamers & viewers. Are you ready for some valuable game time? 



Exciting live broadcasts await you on Nov 21st, 2020. Detailed agenda of Gimbl Valorant Cup:

  • 1PM-12 PM CEST: Check-in
  • 1 PM CEST: Groupe Stage
  • 5 PM CEST (estimated): Quarters
  • 6 PM CEST (estimated): Semi-Finals
  • 7 PM CEST (estimated): Final
  • Estimated End: 10:30PM CEST

Competitive format

Gimbl Valorant Cup is a bracket style tournament. 16 teams will face each other, separated in 4 pools followed by a single elimination bracket.


The winner takes all! The winning team will receive a prize of 500 euros.



To enter the tournament, each team has to follow these three requirements:

  • Have a minimum of 2 players going live on Twitch or Youtube with a minimum of 2 mins delay.
  • Have 2 players signing up & using Gimbl during the tournament to run audience challenge sessions.
  • Use the Gimbl Overlay on streams

What's unique?

It’s extra fun for all! With the Gimbl app added on top of your stream, your viewers can now send you in-game challenges and join you in the immersive tension of the game. For the first time ever, your viewers are transitioned from the passenger’s seat to a driver’s seat, experiencing the competition from a much more immersive and inclusive point of view. 

On the player’s end, you can enjoy additional monetary reward on completing the audience’s challenges. Isn’t that lovely?

Who can join?

The Gimbl Valorant Cup is open to everyone and provides an opportunity for every player to compete for prize and glory, while having extra fun with the audience via Gimbl challenges. However, players must be 16 years of age or older to participate.

How to enter?

Please register to the tournament here.

Make sure you join the Gimbl official Discord server through the following link: to enable quick communication with the management team and fellow competitors. The team leader has to send the full team Discord tags to the Gimbl tournament admins.

Deadline to enter: 19/11/2020

Read the full ruleset of the tournament here.

We look forward to seeing you in Gimbl Valorant Cup and discovering which teams will become the first Champions.


Unprecedented fun awaits you!

The Gimbl Team.

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