Networking tips for Twitch streamers: the Dos and Don’ts

Networking tips for Twitch streamers

“Networking” – it’s the word on everyone’s lips. It’s the ultimate tool to climb up the career ladder. And it’s the word that turns your stomach. While most video gamers are introverted by nature, to be successful in this industry you need to be a “social butterfly”. 


However, it’s easy to get “networking” wrong. It’s not about being loud and getting out there as much as possible. In this article, let us provide you with some of the dos and don’ts of streamer networking:



Make a list of streamers you can connect with

Find relevant streamers based on basic information like languages, games played, the total number of followers, average viewership, streaming frequency, etc. Stream Edge offers a powerful networking tool that allows you to find similar streamers and trending streamers to connect with. While it’s tempting to reach out to the rising stars (trending streamers), the more natural thing to do is grow a partnership with the streamers you share common traits with.

Prioritize your contacts

Networking is like going on Tinder: swiping right on more people means more choices but also less in-depth conversations. As you don’t have time and energy to be enthusiastic with everyone, choose them wisely. 

After having a long list of potential contacts, you need to prioritize the ones you really like. It could be because of their skills or their sense of humor – it doesn’t matter. What really matters is you actually enjoy getting to know them and talking to them. You can’t get people to like you if you have no interest in them, right?

Foster friendship

Like we mentioned above, it’s better to find streamers that have a channel of similar size as yours and grow your channels together. You can introduce your regulars to each other, do a quick raid every once in a while, have a collaboration stream whenever there’s a special occasion. It works because it shows others you are not stealing their viewers. You’re growing both communities.

Offer value in the communities you want to benefit from

If you wish to get help from a community, start by being an active member of that community. Get to know everyone, involve yourself in conversations, help others out and gradually build respect from the community. Be there as a viewer first, and you can let them know that you’re a streamer down the road. Once you are recognized among people, it’s easier to get help from them. 


Simple ways to provide value:

  • give streaming tips & sharing useful content (ahem…)
  • send a host or raid
  • interact with their social media content 
  • connect people with others who can help them

At the heart of networking, there are two things you should remember:

  • Networking = mutual benefit for both sides. Let people know that you’re here to support.
  • Them > You. Talk about others first, then you. 

Offer encouraging words

As human beings, we all crave for recognition, and this is even more true for streamers whose job is to have an audience. Pay attention to what people are doing, and don’t be afraid to shout out if you find anything cool. Be a keen supporter and it’ll pay off.

Do ask

Once the time is right, reach out and ask for exactly what you want. You can’t expect others to read your mind and guess how to return the favors.

Stay in touch

Networking is an ongoing process. Follow others and visit their channel from time to time. Join a hand to keep their chat up when it’s a bit slow, for example, greeting other viewers when they say Hi. The streamer will surely notice and appreciate this gesture.


Don’t be a nagger

Nothing turns people off as fast as someone who self-promotes all the time. Don’t hop in other stream chat just to announce you’re going live in 10 mins. First, you risk receiving a permanent ban from those channels. Secondly, “who the hell are you and why would we care?” – others will think. This is absolutely not networking, but poor taste sell-promotion.

Don’t rely too much on “follow for follow”

This tactic has worked for some, but for the vast majority, it didn’t. If you’re looking for inflated numbers, go for it. But if you want to grow an engaging community with actual viewers – this is absolutely a no-go. 

Don’t be greedy

Don’t make it all about yourself. If a streamer is nice enough to add you to his/her auto host list, add the person to yours as well. Sharing is caring.

Don’t be a hit-and-run networker

Don’t just disappear into thin air once you get what you want, and emerge whenever you need something. People will notice and they are not going to be happy about that.

Don’t be afraid to let go

Networking doesn’t always work out well. Maybe the streamer you just started hanging out with is engaging in an unnecessary drama, picking up bad vibes or supporting things you are not a fan of. Then it’s OK to let go. Whatever happens, it is important to stay true to your belief and keep yourself from problems.

And finally, don’t forget to have fun!

If you have any thoughts, hit us up on our Discord 🙂

Remember to have fun. Your personality and energy will draw viewers to your stream

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