A new Gimbl era – The Transformation

I’m Dan, the co-founder, and CEO of Gimbl. After almost two years, my team and I have been focusing on developing a product that answers specific issues related to the esports live streaming industry…

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Gimbl - TwitchCon Picture

Gimbl Monthly Update: GMU #13

It’s that time of the month again – the Gimbl Monthly Update! In this month’s edition, we’ll be detailing our TwitchCon experience, providing updates on the Gimbl platform and more.

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Top 10 Players of the Fortnite World Cup

Top 10 Fortnite World Cup 2019 Players

In this week’s edition of “Top 10 eAthletes”, we’re taking a look at the Top 10 Fortnite World Cup players, many of whom are “unknowns” in the eSports world

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Games That Changed Gaming: StarCraft (1998)

Games That Changed Gaming #2 – StarCraft (1998)

In this edition of Gimbl’s Games That Changed Gaming, we take a close look at StarCraft, one of the most influential games to have ever been released.

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MSI 2019 - League of Legends 2019 Mid-Season Invitational

How LoL’s MSI 2019 ended in a NA versus EU face-off

For the first time ever the finals did not include a Korean or Chinese team, guaranteeing a Western win for the MSI 2019 cup.

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Top 10 LCS Players July 2019

For our first Top 10, we’re going to look at the North America League of Legends Champion Series (LCS) and narrow down the top 10 North American pro League of Legends players.

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