TeufeurS: From banking suspension to the million euro

In this series, Gimbl would like to introduce you to some of the most inspiring and original streamers out there. Some of them went through really tough times before joining the streaming family, and we would like to thank them for brightening our days by providing such great content!
Today, we’re focusing on TeufeurS, a famous French streamer now living in Malta mainly streaming Casino. He started from nothing, facing a series of financial and health issues, to end up being one of the most-watched Casino streamers in France.

The struggles

TeufeurS started school without an actual professional project in mind but ended up being interested in becoming a cook for a while. But after graduating from middle school, he got tired of it and started a teamster high school instead. He graduated from there at 17 and received his driver’s license on his 18 birthday.
He then got his first job a few days later, but something terrible happened two weeks after: he had a serious car accident. 

He almost got killed in this car accident and lost the use of his arm for about 6 months after doing several barrels at high speed without having his security belt attached. 

He was happy to suffer from no sequel at all and after 6 months and 1 week he found a new job, got his first apartment with his first girlfriend, and was finally able to enjoy his time. 

But again, that didn’t last long, since, after flat-sharing with another couple, his couple broke apart. 

He was forced to go back to his parent’s house for about 4 months but he eventually found a new job and a small apartment in Le Mans. But then again, he loses his driver’s license right before starting his new job and spirals down to a year of financial difficulties. He couldn’t bear living in his parents’ house anymore, so he still moved into his apartment no matter what. 

He couldn’t pay his rent, he couldn’t buy any food at all, so he started making rubber cheques to the point he got bank suspended.

The getaway

After getting in trouble, he was too ashamed to ask for help from his parents, so he shut himself down and discovered video games and streaming. He started playing H1Z1 with a bunch of friends, CS:GO and League of Legends too. 

“I stopped thinking about all my problems when I played video games. That’s what freed me from my miserable life.”

He also said he got involved in pretty dark blogs when he was younger, and even though it’s bringing a bad reputation, it helped him defending himself on the internet; it helped him deal with insults and harassment about his weight. He created a free-party Facebook page that was frowned upon around him, since it’s always illegal and a bit of a taboo. But he also frequented a voice blog based on harassment for a while. 

But that’s also thanks to one of these blogs that he met Andrea, a friend of his. She had similar problems in her personal life at times, and TeufeurS hosted her for a few weeks. And to thank him for his kindness, she bought him a new computer after his old laptop died. 

He thanked her a million times, saying that it’s thanks to her that he could start streaming and creating quality content. His career on Twitch started from there.

His first game was H1Z1 and he grew from 0 to about 50 viewers playing it, and he eventually created the TeufeurS-Arena, a morning event gathering hundreds of people to fight on the public server of the game. Thanks to his community and his success on Twitch, he could even give away small rewards for the winners. He could buy food again, he could pay his rent again, and pay back all his friends who helped him over these difficult times. All this thanks to streaming. 


But it also kind of backfired since he only played video games and ate all day, that’s pretty much all he was doing. So he gained weight, he didn’t go out anymore and spent most of his time streaming. 


Not long after, his landlord asked him to leave the apartment since he needed to sell it. That’s when he moved to Aker’s house, a French streamer specialized in FPS, for a few months in Paris. They both had loads of fun and TeufeurS enjoyed his time there, streaming and goofing around with his mate. 

But he eventually had to move again, he lived at Beian’s house, another French multi-gaming streamer, for a few weeks, having just as much fun.

The Casino: TeufeurS’s turning point

Then TeufeurS was able to get into his own apartment in Belgium in 2018. That’s when he started to play blackjack with his own money. He got even more consistent in streaming and grew his metrics honorably. He got Twitch partner really fast and accumulated donations and subs from his incredible community.

“I’m a funny guy, I make people laugh and that’s why most of you come and watch me”

BitCasino then approached him to propose a partnership where he needed to stream their online Casino. He accepted and earned a great salary and they would also give him 3 000€ per week to “wager*” on their slots. 

After a few months, comes TeufeurS’ birthday. BitCasino offers him a 200% bonus up to 1 Bitcoin for the day. He decided to stake 6 000€ from his own pocket to make some generous profits out of it. Thanks to the bonus, he started the event with 18 000€.

That’s where it got crazy for him: he finished with 53k€ at the end of the day, then 100k€, etc. To finally reach the million Euro after merely a few weeks. 

*requirement to stake a certain amount of money before being able to withdraw what’s left on your account.

“That was absolutely crazy. In a matter of weeks, I went from someone with 10 000€ on his accounts to owning more than 1 Million Euros.”

Following this crazy series, TeufeurS moved to Malta, where he currently lives, and kept on streaming, gambling, and owning Crypto-currencies. His Twitch channel knew a huge growth this year with the global lockdown, even though he couldn’t stream as much as he wanted this year. He promised to be more constant on stream this year, to thank his community for getting him where he is today. 


TeufeurS’ journey is maybe one of the most inspiring we’ve seen at Gimbl, the man started from literally nothing and climbed up to being Millionnaire and one of the most successful French streamers on Twitch. He built a great community, he grew his channel by streaming a lot, and regularly. He got famous not only thanks to Casino but because he’s a great person and his audience knew that. He helped normalize the “Slots streaming” on Twitch in France, and he even opened his own website to centralize and offer bonuses. His hard work opened doors for multiple partnerships, and he’s now regularly giving away money to his fans on Twitter. But one of the most wholesome things he’s done is joining random small streamers stream, and give huge donations to help them monetize their activity. We can’t know everything he’s done, but TeufeurS has a heart of gold. 

Of course, his ascension couldn’t be achieved without taking a lot of risks, since Casino always wins in the long term, but his journey inspires respect and gives us hope about the streaming sphere. This is a great community we have here, and we streamers can never thank the audience enough for the joy and happiness you bring every day in our chats! 


And who knows? Maybe you’ll be the next TeufeurS, even if life doesn’t seem all nice right now! Gimbl aspires to make every one of our users better streamers, and we help create the best community possible.

It is very important that you gamble responsibly, in a safe, secure environment, and take regular breaks if playing for extended periods. If you feel that you might have a gambling problem, we urge you to get help immediately from professional groups such as GambleAware who can help you deal with your situation.

Online gaming is fun, but when the fun stops, stop.

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