VALORANT’s hype is real and here’s how you can earn money from it


Who hasn’t dreamed of making money playing video games? Even though only the top of the top succeeds, many of us dreamed of making a living by playing games. Let’s see how you can do it.

Valorant is Riot Games’ 5v5 Tactical Shooter. Prove the superiority of your experience with style in this global competition. Switch from attacker to defender, win 13 rounds thanks to your abilities, strategies, and shooting skills. With only one life per round, you have to outsmart your opponents to survive. Fight other players across Competitive and Unranked modes as well as Deathmatch and Spike Rush.

If you’re good enough at tactical shooters and reached the highest rank possible (Radiant here, for example), you might feel like there’s more you can do on this game, like earning money playing Valorant.

Option 1: Become a professional player

Who hasn’t dreamed of playing on the ESL GrandFinal stage on CS 1.6 (or CS:GO for the younger players)? Who hasn’t dreamed of being respected among the tactical shooters’ scene?

If you’re an FPS player, you must be craving this kind of feeling. And Riot Games made it possible for you to become a pro.

Valorant competitive scene

The scene is still relatively new, and the competitive circuits aren’t as developed as on League of Legends (Valorant’s big brother). But still, Riot is starting to work hard on creating a sustainable ecosystem for every competitive tier.

Requirements to become a pro Valorant player.

Unlike TFT, Valorant relies on pure skill; there’s almost no RNG within the game. That means you’ll have to train like crazy to master the game completely.

To improve, you’ll have to run Kovaks sessions, countless hours of deathmatch, sandbox mode to train your abilities, etc. There are numerous ways to master the game, and you’ll also need a decent team with the proper tools to become a better player.

But only the best of the best can become pro or semi-pro on such games. So don’t get your expectations too high since you might not get picked up by your favorite team to complete their roster.

Valorant pro players salaries

Even if the game is still young compared to its pairs, salaries, and cash-prizes are already pretty high.

The top players are earning around $60.000 a year, some of them even earning more! The average monthly salary for a five members team is between $15.000 and $25.000. All of these figures presumably don’t include extra sponsorships or prize money.

The cash-prizes went from several thousand dollars for alternative circuits to $200.000 for the first Riot official competition. This means each player can earn up to $50.000 per tournament in addition to his monthly paycheck.

But of course, if you don’t think you’re talented enough to compete against davidpmixwellScreaM, and other pro players, there are always a couple more ways to live off your passion for Valorant.

Option 2: Become a YouTube content creator

If you can’t make it to the top of the ladder on Valorant, don’t give up just yet! If you’re naturally talented with entertainment and talking skills, you might be able to become a successful content creator!

There are three different angles to explore when it comes to creating content for YouTube:

Entertaining content

This one is achievable by anyone with enough skills in front of a camera. You’ll aim to create either fun or goofy content to allow your viewers to have a good time watching your videos.

Team up with an army of your craziest friends and try to have as much fun as you can. That’s the key to creating good content. As long as you’re having fun, your viewers will most likely do too.

Average Jonas is a crazy good Sova main on Valorant (arguably the best Sova player on the game), but he’s also super entertaining!

Highly-skilled gameplay

Creating highly-skilled gameplay can be paired with your pro-player career, even though you don’t need a pro to extract some tremendous action-packed clips from your games. It’s all about epic video editing, some intense adrenaline outbursts, and unique clutches (no matter the elo).

People enjoy feeling the adrenaline rush through videos. Many of your viewers won’t even play the game, or at least not enough, to come up with such plays in-game.

You’re the one who has to make them feel the game!

Shroud doesn’t need an introduction anymore. Even after retiring from the pro scene, he’s still one of the best FPS players around.

Educational content

Another way to make money creating content around Valorant is to develop educational content on the game.

Suppose you studied every possible strategy, every efficient tactic, every pixel of each map, and managed to come with optimized abilities. In that case, you could create educational content to teach your audience how to master the game.

Countless players every day seek knowledge on a game they want to get good at, and even though numerous channels already provide them with such content, there’s always room for more, especially on a game this young. No one covered everything yet, and with the new characters release every new season and the new maps, there’s always room for improvement.

Seek that improvement range, and push into it to come up with content that will help your viewers learn better tactics, new interactions, master their agent, and you’ll get rewarded for that.

Riot often allows viral content creators, pro teams staff, and pro players to beta-test new characters, new maps, and more!

Rambo is a former world champion on CS:GO and coach, providing numerous educational videos on his YouTube channel for countless domains related to FPS games.

Option 3: Become a Twitch streamer

The last and maybe most straightforward way to make money playing Valorant is to become a Twitch streamer.

Starting streaming can be a tough challenge to take on, especially if you’ve never done something similar before or if you’re shy, for example. But don’t worry, it’s just like anything else: you can learn!

And we got you covered on this topic! We created multiple articles to help you get started on Twitchsetting up your donationsdifferentiate yourself on Twitch, and many more!

But the best advice we could give you is just to be yourself and do what you enjoy. The rest is just practice, trial and error, and a huge learning curve.

All streamers started from nothing (or almost), yet some managed to build massive communities. Some shined through their gameplay; others shined through their wholesome personality.

It looks hard to make a living as a streamer, and it is if you’re a rookie on Twitch. But there are so many streamers out there willing to help each other; the community is genuinely wholesome.

To give you an idea of how much money you can make playing Valorant as a streamer: 1.000 subs are roughly equal to $2.500 per month. And though it seems a lot when you’re just starting, if you’re doing things right, you can reach that milestone between 12 to 24 months.

Even if you’re stagnating for a while, don’t give up just yet! Every once in a while, new tools emerge and new ways are found to boost your growth. Just try and find the ones that suits you best.

Believe in your dream, work on creating the best content possible on Twitch, and you sure will secure a revenue playing Valorant AND build an incredible community!


Making money playing Valorant is a tough challenge to take on, especially if you’re relatively new to the eSport scene on tactical shooters. It requires a tremendous amount of work, and due to the nature of the scene, it’s still an unstable situation.

But it is lucrative, no matter what path you choose and succeed in. So don’t give up your hope, you’ll maybe become the next s1mple on Valorant, who knows?

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