Guest blogging

You are a gamer, blogger or entrepreneur with ideas worth spreading? You’ve come to the right place. 

As a young startup that places streamers at the heart of our business, we are seeking to bring the best solutions for their streaming career. If you’re a startup with a game-changing solution for streamers, spread the word here. We’re all ears.

But, why should you promote it on Gimbl’s blog?

Here are some of the benefits of writing for us:

  • Your writing will be exposed to a growing blog with like-minded audience
  • We’ll promote of your articles across our social media channels
  • We’re relaxed – there are no restrictions in terms of the number of backlinks or maximum length
  • And most importantly, it’s free!
What are the requirements?

What we do expect though, is the quality of the content. We have no problem with self-promotion, but it has to be done in an attractive way and useful for our audience. Tips: wrap your brand message in a story that triggers thoughts and emotions; or address industry issues and current trends. And this should go without saying, but we expect well-written content that requires minimal or no editing.

The other requirement from us, is to have backlinks to in return on your blog. We are looking at a long-term relationship that is beneficial for both parties and it would only truly work if we both helped one another. 

I’m interested! How can I send my articles?

If everything you’ve read so far interests you, then send your article to [email protected] with a little bit about your business. Don’t forget to send us the link to your company’s blog too, because the compatibility of Gimbl on your blog content would be a very important criterion in this collaboration. 

Shoot us an email, and we will always respond within 3 working days at latest.

Thanks for your time, and looking forward to hearing from you.

The Gimbl Team.